What We Do

Integrating advanced technology, including big data application and social media monitoring, with traditional public relations (PR) strategies, we offer clients comprehensive PR consultation services ranging from agenda setting and operation to risk management and social media strategy to media relations and election campaigns, among others.

With our strong and cutting edge digital advertising platform which is fully demonstrated data technology, we also aim at offering clients the best promotional channels and one-stop solutions on marketing and PR campaigns.

We are one of the few online PR companies to integrate data technology, social media strategy and PR expertise in Hong Kong.

Scope of services:

Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Strategy

Social Media Content Production

Big Data Analysis

Election Campaign Planning

Agenda & Risk Management

Media Relation

Media Training

Digital Advertising

Why Us

In this rapidly changing environment, access to data has become essential to decision making. The use of social media for marketing is now indispensable and the influence of public affairs on business continues to grow. And thus the monitoring of data, social media and public affairs has become critical to success. These techniques help to avoid risks and ensure favourable outcomes even during times of adversity.

We strive to help clients understand what they should hold fast onto and what should be changed when constructing marketing strategies.

Who We Are

Our professional team has accumulated years of experience and developed expertise in data analysis, social media strategy, PR, media relations and marketing. Most importantly, our thorough understanding of social issues and public affairs enables us to provide clients with feasible, timely and totally integrated services.

Chinetek Strategy

Rm 814, 8/F,  Huacheng Industry and Commerce Center, 11 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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Email: info@chinetekstrategy.com

Tel: 3421 2922

Fax: 3421 2444

Address: Rm 814, 8/F,  Huacheng Industry and Commerce Center, 11 Shing Yip Street, Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

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